Data Sources

  ADI Commitment Indicator Source
Governance Keep universal access to immunization at the forefront of efforts to reduce child mortality, morbidity and disability Has the country established a NITAG? JRF 2018 (April 2019)
Is the NIRAG fully functional? JRF 2018 (April 2019)
Domestic Funding Increase and sustain domestic investments and funding allocations Government funding as a % of total immunization funding JRF 2018 (April 2019)
Government domestic funding for health as a percentage of GDP (>5% target) African Union Africa Scorecard on Domestic Financing for Health, 2018
Equity Address persistent barriers in vaccine in vaccine and healthcare delivery systems Proportion of districts or administrative units with < 80% admin coverage for DPT3 and MCV1 JRF 2018 (April 2019)
Proportion of districts reporting stock out of DTP or MCV JRF 2018 (April 2019)
Number of countries monitoring the obtained from WHO impact of newly introduced vaccines on disease burden Obtained from WHO
Effectiveness & Efficiency Increase the effectiveness and effieciency of immunization delivery systems Sustained coverage > 90% of DPT3 and MCV1 for three or more years. WUENIC (July 2019)
Surveillance Attain and maintain high quality surveillance NP-AFP rates Obtained from WHO
Non-measles febrile rash illness rates Obtained from WHO
Coverage & VPD Elimination Monitor progress toward achieving the goals of the global and regional immunization plans DTP3 and MCV1 objective of 90% national coverage and >80% in every district (DTP3 coverage, MCV1 coverage) WUENIC (July 2019)
Progress on Polio Ensure polio legacy transition plans are in place by end -2016 MNT elimination Obtained from WHO
Measles elimination Obtained from WHO
DTP1 coverage WUENIC (July 2019)
MCV2 coverage WUENIC (July 2019)
IPV1 coverage WUENIC (July 2019)
OPV3 coverage WUENIC (July 2019)
HPV introduction Obtained from WHO
Hep B introduction Obtained from WHO
Polio transition plan submitted Obtained from WHO
Polio-free status GPEI